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ok so!

2014-03-16 17:34:20 by nick251

hey guys,how is everyone doing? well,I cant do my sword test since is really hard to do and stuff.If you've read my previous post you must be like "what? this guy took like 8 days just to say that" well...yeah and thats my fault but I'm still gonna do a parody plus I replaced the sword test with some walking.

so yeah annd Im working on my sprite sheet,so um heres a little view of the weapons you'll see

Barret 50. cal

Barret 50. cal your seeing right there if you didn't know,soo what do ya think?


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2014-03-16 17:45:29

Not so bad for beginning, but you could do it better probably, mostly the magazine.

nick251 responds:

I dont no how to shade or anything :c


2014-03-16 17:48:48

Not too shabby

nick251 responds:

thanks budieh


2014-03-17 15:30:47


nick251 responds:



2014-03-19 08:52:19

This is amazing.

nick251 responds:



2014-03-19 20:33:24

Well I see you stayed.

nick251 responds:

why did you say that,yeah im staying


2014-03-20 00:01:25

That's one of my favorite snipers.

nick251 responds:

same here man


2014-03-21 12:23:24

Lovely sprite, but you still need to un-paint some parts like the buttstock hole that was painted, and the trigger hole aswell :P

nick251 responds:

lol ok thanks for the tip


2014-03-22 20:48:13

Well nice picture must be a good video when you make it.

nick251 responds:

yeah im going to try to upload 3 tests today,one is almost done


2014-03-25 20:02:14

Nice! c:

nick251 responds:

lol nah not really but thx


2014-03-30 08:31:10

Looks great! I would make that barrel shroud black, beacuse it's always dark inside.

(Updated ) nick251 responds:

ok and also,I see what u did there